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ATL was a lovely location. I hope that pole con goes back there at some point. Though I love that y’all pick different locations. Not only because it gives us all a chance to travel, but it makes it easier for some people who can’t travel/travel far to get a chance to go.

Loved the MC’s! Absolutely great banter! Black Girls Pole and troupe’s and groups were my favorite shows. I don’t think that any of the shows were bad…I loved seeing all shapes, sizes, and ages on stage!

Colleen and her team did a fantastic job with Polecon. I was not disappointed.

I really loved going. This was my first con and it was amazing to see all of the performance and just being around a really amazing group of people.

What an amazing first experience! I’m still on a pole high! It was well organized and run, I can’t wait for next year – I know it will be just as amazing!

it was my first polecon and I hope it won’t be the last. I
experienced so much!

This was my first year attending and I loved every
minute of it!

Hotel awesome. Food awesome. Staff OUT FREAKING

Thank you! For an awesome event! Amazing showcases! Loved the free stuff! Loved the vendors! And I got to meet like minded individuals in a no judgement zone! I know it’s hard to put on a perfect event, your tireless efforts are not in vain! Cya in ATL!

“For this to be my first pole con and for having only attended one day, I had a BLAST! This was an incredible event. Colleen, you did you THANG, mama! You kicked all ass with pulling off a spectacular event. I was so excited that my first performance was at Pole Con and I’m planning to keep attending for as long as you keep having them!”

“I want to do this over and over again! I had an AMAZING experience and I definitely will be back next year. It was such an amazing experience. Thank you so much to everyone who worked on this. I can’t wait to see all of the photos and videos from this year! It was like going to Celebrity Pole Camp!”

“This was my first trip to PoleCon … IT. WAS. EPIC!!! I loved every minute … I left feeling so inspired and motivated to improve my own poling. I can’t wait until ATL!!”