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Interview with Dr. Kenneth Kao, Pole Ninja

123TV and 123poling.com, the best resource for online pole training for students and instructors, interviews Dr. Kenneth Kao, Pole Ninja!

Dr. Ken taught “pole-kour” a mix of pole and parkour at PoleCon2015, getting everyone to flip off the pole and even jump to the next pole! His martial arts training made it easy for him to take his ninja skills to the pole.

He is also a pole photographer and got some amazing shots of the showcases!

He had a great time at Pole Convention — see the entire interview here!

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Colleen Jolly is an AFAA-certified personal trainer, elevatED-certified pole teacher, entrepreneur and pole dance competitor. She has been poling for seven years, is the CEO of the International Pole Convention and teaches pole dancing online for 123Poling.com and in the DC metro area at FIT4Polers and MyBodyShop. She is active in leadership roles and Board positions in arts and association non-profit organizations; and is also an award-winning pole dancer, artist, writer, and speaker on visual communications and general business topics around the world.
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