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An Interview with Tanya Christopher

PoleCon workshop leader and returning free workshop leader – we sat down to talk with Tanya Christopher from Amorous Dance and Pole Fitness!

Mica (M): How did your pole journey start?

Tanya (T):  My pole Journey started with one Sample Class. It was so much harder than I thought! Sold right away!

M: How old were you?

T: 22 years old

M: How many times a week do you exercise?

T: Basically every day and I never over do it. I do little by little so I do not stress my body out.

M: When did you start taking pole more seriously?

T: I trained to be an instructor right away so definitely took it more seriously then.

M: When was your first performance?

T: I performed my whole life. I’ve done showcase performances but never competed in pole. The place I taught at told me they would train me to compete & 4 years later I realized it just wasn’t going to happen with the approval of that Owner.   I then opened up my own studio. When I became a studio owner I told myself I would dedicate my efforts into achieving my instructor’s dreams so they never feel that sense of disappointment.

M: What is the most common mistake among pole artists?

T: Over training

M: What is your favorite pole move?

T: Anything Handstand and/or Handsprings

M:  Where/who do you get your inspiration from?

T: My inspiration started with Carmen Electra, ha ha ha. Love her!

M: What training regimens/Diets do you have?

T: Eat for your blood type and portion control

M: What competition are you currently training for?

T: My instructors and clientele are currently training for the Pole Sport Southern Championships in Atlanta, GA.

M: Are you performing at PoleCon?

T: I will not be performing however I will be teaching a Free Chair Choreography workshop. Theme this time is TWERK. Whoop whoop!

M: Are you teaching any workshops at PoleCon?

T: I sure am! I will be teaching the following TWO workshops…..

  • Free Workshop: Amorous Chair (Twerk chair routine) on Friday, June 2nd, 11:00am til 12:00pm
  • Handstand Pole Spins & Tricks (All levels) on Saturday June 3rd, 4:30pm til 6:00pm.

M: What is your favorite workshop to teach?

T: Anything Choreography & Handstands

M: What is your favorite genre of music to while poling?

T: This is a hard one! I guess I would have to go with the raspy rock voice type of music.

M: Why is it important to brand yourself?

T: Branding yourself can set you apart from others in your field. In this industry I feel it is about making a difference in other people’s lives. The more you can stand out from others, the larger the impact will be as far as reaching a higher quantity of people.

M: How would you explain your style of pole dancing?

T: Confident & Fun (pretty simple).   Confidence goes a long way.

Thanks Tanya! Check out her upcoming workshops at #polecon2017!


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