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Ah, the elusive flat jade. The jade split is one of the first moves a dance is able to learn after inverting. What makes a jade the magical move that it can be is the style and flexibility behind it. Here is a list of my top 5 Jade queens in the pole community:

  • Jamilla Deville: I believe this one goes without being said 😉

  • Sarah Jade: Sarah Jade is the queen of the over split jade.

  • Alethea Austin: Alethea is #goals in adding style to a split on the pole.

  • Rachele Ribera: The definition of “legs for days”.

  • Jordan Mazur: This up and coming pole dancer has insane flexibility.

We can all agree that these pole heroes have MASTERED the infamous Jade split but you can too! Keep an eye out for part 2 and part 3 to get your Jade up to par with the split queens of the pole world.

Leah Franklin
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Leah Franklin

Leah Franklin has been a performer for as long as she can remember from doing musical theater growing up to graduating college with a degree in dance. She finally found her niche with pole dancing about two years ago. Leah has been competing for a year and showcasing for two (current titles include 3rd place at the Florida Pole Fitness Championship, 3rd place Dramatic level 4 division at the Central Pole Championships, and 2nd place Championship level 3 at US National Pole Championships). She is currently a student and instructor at Muse Pole Fitness in Columbia, Missouri.
Leah Franklin
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