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What is PoleCon?

THE INTERNATIONAL POLE CONVENTION, also commonly known as PoleCon, celebrates the diversity of the pole dance/pole fitness community. Come to learn, share and grow with people of all genders, all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities and fitness levels then stay for the community. #poleconisforeveryone

THE INTERNATIONAL POLE CONVENTION annual event showcases performances, a vendor hall, free movement-based workshops and seminars, and pay-for pole and non-pole workshops that moves to a new location every year. Read below for more information on how to participate and check out our extensive FAQs section.

PoleCon: Intensive is an event featuring 4-hour intensive workshops, food and an epic gift bag!

PoleCon Australia is an officially licensed event. Learn more: Facebook • TwitterInstagram

Where is PoleCon 2020? New Orleans • RESCHEDULED: August 13-16

+ 225
+ 85
Pole Star Workshops
+ 40
+ 25
Free Workshops
Day Pass (Friday or Saturday)
  • Free (as listed) workshops and seminars on one day (Friday or Saturday).
  • Access to buy to paid pole and non-pole workshops (You must have a Day Pass or Weekend Pass to buy workshops)
  • FOOD: Lunch Friday or Saturday (boxed lunch if you are in a workshop during lunch)
  • All star performances that day
  • Access to the Exhibitor Hall that day




Weekend Pass (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Free (as listed) workshops and seminars
  • Access to buy to paid pole and non-pole workshops (You must have a Day Pass or Weekend Pass to buy workshops)
  • FOOD: Lunch Friday and Saturday, Breakfast Sunday (boxed lunch if you are in a workshop during lunch)
  • All star performances
  • Access to the Exhibitor Hall






Weekend Pass Junior (5-17) (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Free (as listed) workshops and seminars
  • Access to buy to paid pole and non-pole workshops (You must have a Day Pass or Weekend Pass to buy workshops)
  • FOOD: Lunch Friday and Saturday, Breakfast Sunday (boxed lunch if you are in a workshop during lunch)
  • All star performances
  • Access to the Exhibitor Hall
  • **Must be with a parent or guardian with a Weekend Pass at all times**



What do people say about PoleCon?

ATL was a lovely location. I hope that pole con goes back there at some point. Though I love that y'all pick different locations. Not only because it gives us all a chance to travel, but it makes it easier for some people who can't travel/travel far to get a chance to go.


Loved the MC's! Absolutely great banter! Black Girls Pole and troupe's and groups were my favorite shows. I don't think that any of the shows were bad...I loved seeing all shapes, sizes, and ages on stage!


Colleen and her team did a fantastic job with Polecon. I was not disappointed.


I really loved going. This was my first con and it was amazing to see all of the performance and just being around a really amazing group of people.


What an amazing first experience! I'm still on a pole high! It was well organized and run, I can't wait for next year - I know it will be just as amazing!


it was my first polecon and I hope it won't be the last. I experienced so much!

it was my first polecon and I hope it won't be the last. I experienced so much!

This was my first year attending and I loved every minute of it!


Hotel awesome. Food awesome. Staff OUT FREAKING STANDING

Mika T

Thank you! For an awesome event! Amazing showcases! Loved the free stuff! Loved the vendors! And I got to meet like minded individuals in a no judgement zone! I know it's hard to put on a perfect event, your tireless efforts are not in vain! Cya in ATL!


I'm sure you're getting a million messages from all the happy campers from PoleCon! I just wanted to reach out to you personally and say that I had a fantastic time and I hope that I will be invited back for Atlanta next year!! I have so much respect for you and all the work you do. Congrats!

Nadia Sharif

"For this to be my first pole con and for having only attended one day, I had a BLAST! This was an incredible event. Colleen, you did you THANG, mama! You kicked all ass with pulling off a spectacular event. I was so excited that my first performance was at Pole Con and I'm planning to keep attending for as long as you keep having them!"

Khristen P.

"I want to do this over and over again! I had an AMAZING experience and I definitely will be back next year. It was such an amazing experience. Thank you so much to everyone who worked on this. I can't wait to see all of the photos and videos from this year! It was like going to Celebrity Pole Camp!"

Kristina G.

"This was my first trip to PoleCon ... IT. WAS. EPIC!!! I loved every minute ... I left feeling so inspired and motivated to improve my own poling. I can't wait until ATL!!"

Amanda B.

"Everything was amazing had such a great weekend and learned so much in just 3 days"

Katie D.

"I loved it and was so glad I got to go! It was very well run! Thank you so much!"

"My time at PoleCon 2016 was so amazing. I left on a Pole high. I couldn't wait to get back to the studio to work on new tricks and combos. Thank you PoleCon for creating a welcoming and encouraging environment. I cant wait to attend PoleCon2016!!"

Kristen R.

"This was a life changing experience that I can't wait to have the chance to be a part of again! One of the greatest decisions I've made in a while..thank you to all who made it such a positive and influential experience!"


"I want to talk about my amazing weekend at PoleCon... to have the opportunity to meet and talk to my pole crushss, words can't even describe. I loved the fact I was able to be myself without judgement and event as silly I can be making people laugh... So got asked by a few people why do I pole. Well, after this weekend I can truly answer by saying I pole because it's the one time everything stops. I tune…read more

Rosie Rose

"Thank you Colleen Jolly and all of your amazing staff and volunteers to organize such an amazing event! So appreciative, honored, and stoked to meet so many amazing people in our pole community!!! Bravo, Colleen!!!"

Michula Nunez

"It's been fun, Pole Convention, but unfortunately it's time to go. Thank you Colleen and crew for making all of this happen. How you manifested this amazing gathering and managed to stay so calm and composed the whole way through, I don't know. From the city to the venue to the seamless management of our schedules and the general joyful air amongst everyone (and the shopping!), Pole Convention has resurfaced in style. It was an honor and a pleasure to…read more

Jamilla Deville

"I know how hard it is to plan, organize, produce and execute events like this. So I just wanted to say CONGRATS and THANK YOU for bringing this event back to the pole community."

Michelle Stanek

"Officially wrapped up the long epic pole weekend in NOLA. I came, I ate, I poled, I taught, I laughed, I marveled, I drank, I danced, I conquered. Thank you Colleen Jolly and the entire International Pole Convention team for inviting the Poles on Tour family and for bringing this important event back and making it so seamless. New Orleans was the perfect backdrop and I can't wait for next year! #polecon2015"

Natasha Wang

"And thank YOU, Colleen Jolly, for supporting all of us! There were several showcases all in celebration of different styles, many of whom are actually marginalized groups in Pole Dance — Dangerous Curves, Black Girls Pole, Men, and Sexy Style. Plus Power Flow and the Australian Invasion and more. After I saw Annemarie Davies f*cking kill it for all of us I thanked Colleen for having me and allowing us all to do our thing. She said 'PoleCon is for…read more

Michelle Mynx

"I can't even begin to explain what an epic adventure #polecon2015 was. Thank you Colleen Jolly for bringing this amazing event back and to a city that welcomed us with open arms. I will never forget this trip."

Amanda Longo

"Well that's a wrap. 3 days, 14 workshops, 62 bruises, multitude of new moves, hundreds of new friends and millions of dynamite memories!!! Thank you, FABULOUS JOB!!!"

Denise Chick

"Pole is for everyone. And this weekend was epic and amazing."

Miss Vegas

"I felt blessed to be among such diverse talent from near and far and was able to listen and participate in discussions... I believe there is enough space in this arena to support a variety of styles... I look forward to the next PoleCon. Keep up the love and no filters!"

Bonita Patterson Harlow

"It was another amazing weekend of pole and performances by industry leaders only to top it off by it being hosted in amazing New Orleans. Colleen Jolly ran it like a well oiled machine and just the way one would expect. All the performance spots delivered greatness and personally my fav was the Sexy Pole Showcase... took the stage to new levels breaking barriers--even kicking them down--unlike any other large scale event I have attended in the past."


"Start saving your money for International Pole Convention 2016. I can tell you now it's going to be bigger and be even more spectacular. THIS is the event you need to get too."

Philip Deal

"Thank you! For an awesome event! Amazing Showcases! Loved the free stuff! Loved the vendors! And I got to meet like minded individuals in a no judgement zone! I know it's hard to put on a perfect event, your tireless efforts are not in vain!"

Isake McCloud-Bradshaw

"WOW! What an epic weekend. I honestly think this is the most fun that I've had at any pole event to date. Colleen Jolly, I thank you immensely for bringing International Pole Convention back."

Phoenix Kazree

What were previous PoleCons like?

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How do I... ? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about PoleCon

1. What is included in my ticket?

Opening night reception + showcase on Thursday; free non-pole workshops, seminars, performances and access to the exhibit hall all day Friday and Saturday with lunch included; more free workshops, seminars, performances and access to the exhibit hall until noon on Sunday with breakfast included (please note, breakfast is ONLY on Sunday). All payments are securely processed. Single day entry passes also available for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Sunday is at a discounted day rate as it is a shortened day).

Paid workshops (that cost an additional fee) are separate from your event ticket and are clearly marked on the schedule. Free workshops/seminars (as marked) are free/included with your pass. Day passes are only good for the day assigned. Please only purchase pay-for workshops on the day you have a day pass otherwise you will be asked to pay the difference for a weekend pass in person.

We do have a payment plan for the Weekend Pass. Choose “Payment Plan” under Contract Options.

What is the true cost of PoleCon?

2. Can anyone perform?

Yes! The International Pole Convention celebrates the diverse pole community.

Applications for PoleCon 2020 are closed. All applicants have been notified. Submission applications for the 2021 event restart in September 2020.

PoleCon Organized Showcases include: Artistic/Contemporary, Pole Masters (40+), Pole Comedy, Men of Pole, Sexy, Lyra/other aerial, PowerFlow, Troupes & Groups, Up & Coming Stars, Youth (under 18), Para Pole (for polers who are differently abled), Low Flow, Experimental and Creepy. Other groups such as Dangerous Curves and Black Girls Pole may run other showcases during PoleCon. Apply for those showcases using the form above.

Read these tips on how to apply.

More tips on how to prepare your submission video

3. How do I sign up for workshops?

Workshops with international pole stars go onsale January through this website for the following June event. We will announce they are open for purchase via social media and our newsletter.
The free workshops and seminars are available in person on a first-come, first-serve basis — don’t sign up; just show up! Review your program booklet and the event schedule online for times and room location. Signs are posted throughout the Convention to help find your way.

4. Where is PoleCon held?

Every year the convention is held in a different city.
In 2020 we are in New Orleans at the Sheraton New Orleans. All Convention activities are held in the hotel.
A discounted room rate of $189/night (for up to 4 people per room) is available at this link.
Past Conventions have been held at the following locations:
2019: Denver, Colorado
2018: Orlando, Florida
2017: Atlanta, Georgia
2016: Fort Worth, Texas
2015: New Orleans, Louisiana
2014: New Owner from 2014 forward.
2013: West Palm Beach, Florida
2012: Los Angeles, California
2011: West Palm Beach, Florida
2010: National Harbor, Maryland (Washington, DC area)

5. Do I need to buy a pass to take workshops?

You must buy Weekend or Day pass to purchase and attend paid pole and non-pole workshops. You may participate in paid workshops workshops if you only buy a Day pass, however those workshops must be on Friday, Saturday or Sunday only and be all on the same day as your pass (Friday/Saturday/Sunday). To participate in the Thursday night opening party, you must have Weekend Pass.
Junior Attendees (5-17 years old) may attend PoleCon with a parent/guardian who also has a valid Weekend or Day Pass, no day passes are available for Junior attendees. Parent/guardians do not need to pay for themselves to attend a workshop only their Junior attendee is taking but must be present in the same room at all times.

6. Who conducts paid workshops?

Previous and current workshop leaders include:

123Poling • AccroBrandon • Alessandra Marchetti • Amanda Rose • Amber Wolf • Amy Hazel • Apollo Sa’Deek • Ashley Fox • Becca Buck • Carlos Franca • Cleo the Hurricane • Crystal Belcher • Dakota Fox • Deb Roach • Derick Pierson • elevatED • FabPole • Head Over Heels • Heidi Coker • Irmingard Mayer • Isis Diamond • Jamilla Deville • Jeni Janover • Jonathan Nosan • Josiah “BadAzz” Grant • Karol Helms • Kelly Yvonne • Kenneth Kao • Kristy Sellars • Liquid Motion • Lisette Krol • Lux ATL • Maggie Ann • Marlo Fisken • Michelle Mynx • Michelle Natoli • Michula • Mone’t Ha-Sidi • Nadia Sharif • Natasha Wang • Nicole the Pole • Oliver Pavick • Pantera Blacksmith • Philip Deal • Phoenix Kazree • PoleMoves • Rafeala Montanaro • Roz the Diva • Samantha Star • Sarah Jade • Sasja Lee • Seanmichael Rau • Shaina Cruea • Suwasit • Tracee Kafer • Terri Fierce • WorkIt Fitness • Vertical Joes/Torwa Joe

How do you become a paid workshop leader at PoleCon? Start here!

Then read this blog.

Applications for PoleCon 2020 are closed. All applicants have been notified. Submission applications for the 2021 event restart in September 2020.

7. Should I buy a booth for my business?

Not sure if your business is right for PoleCon?
Past exhibitors include apparel/shoes/jewelry/accessories, aerial equipment, grip aids, events, affinity groups, training organizations and tools for the studio owner like insurance and legal services.
Booth not right for you? Sponsor our gift bags, put a flier in the gift bag or advertise with us! See all the info in this section.
Businesses of any size are welcome!
Artista Apparel • Balini Sports • BeastlyBuilt • Bendy Beast • Black Eccentrics • Black Girls Pole • Body+Pole • Bombshell Pole Magazine • Booty Candy Polewear • Cleo the Hurricane • Curvy Girls Pole • Dangerous Curves • DerbySkinz • DragonFly Brand • DV8 Couture • elevatED • Entertainment Britches • FabPole • FirmGrip • Georgia Chrome Star • Glory of LA • Glitter Heels • Grata Designs • Grounding Flight Aromatherapy • Home Pole Studios • I’m a Pole Dancer • Imaging Studios • Inali Henna • International Pole Sport Federation • Insurance 4 Pole Dancers • It Works: That Crazy Wrap Thing • Kristy Sellars: the Key to Training • LC Design Collection • LeeLee Jewels • LegalShield • LeiVola Polewear • Live for Pole • LuluRoe • The MightyGrip Brand • Mika Yoga Wear • Natasha Wang • Naughty Lamb • Nicole the Pole • One Love One Tribe Apparel • Pantera Blacksmith • Pole and Push • PoleBuff • Pole Dance Jewelry • Pole Expo • Pole for a Purpose • Pole Parlour • Pole Poised • Pole Pressure University • Pole Smart • Pole Sport Organization • Sergia Louis Anderson • Skylar Mynx: Artist • StuntGrip • Trick-Tac • Twindom 3D • Twisted Bodies • Twisted Polerina • United Pole Artists • U.S. Aerial • Vertical Exploration Foundation • Weaviewear • Wink Dancewear • XPole • X-Purr • Yogabela

8. Can I volunteer at PoleCon?

General info: Volunteer spaces may be available and include the following duties: pole cleaning during performances, checking in attendees to paid workshop rooms, set-up, clean-up, assisting with registration/information desk and other general duties as assigned.

Read this blog about volunteering.

Applications for PoleCon 2020 are closed. All applicants have been notified. Submission applications for the 2021 event restart in September 2020.

9. Can anyone conduct a free workshop/seminar?

We are seeking experts in the pole, fitness, nutrition and general business to lead free non-pole workshop classes and seminars on topics of interest to our attendees. Topics may include: how to build highly functioning teams, how to correctly spot athletes of all sizes and abilities, injury prevention, social media for studio owners.

Read this blog.

Applications for PoleCon 2020 are closed. All applicants have been notified. Submission applications for the 2021 event restart in September 2020.

10. Who should come to PoleCon?

All genders, all ages and fitness levels are welcome.

If you are under 18 you must have a parent/guardian present who also has a valid Weekend Pass to enter the Exhibitor/Performance area in our Main Hall and to participate in any workshops (free or paid). Parent/guardian does not need to purchase a pay-for workshop that the minor purchases however, they must be present while minor is in the workshop.

If you are press or a photographer please contact us ahead of time at info@poleconvention.com with “Press” in the subject line.

Who else should go to PoleCon?

11. What is the refund policy?

No refunds on workshops or on Weekend Passes for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.

A limited number of transfers/exchanges possible not less than one month before event (i.e., you can no longer go to PoleCon and want to transfer the ticket to a friend to whom you may do a private sale). Purchaser must show ticket or proof of purchase and ID at registration. A limited number of passes will be sold during the Convention.


We are closely monitoring the ongoing developments regarding coronavirus, as well as the recommendations put forth by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and government and local officials and how it could impact PoleCon.
Currently, there are no widespread, government-imposed travel restrictions in the United States, and we are planning to host PoleCon as scheduled. If this changes, we will update you immediately via email and our social media channels.

12. What is the purpose of PoleCon?

The purpose of THE INTERNATIONAL POLE CONVENTION is to celebrate the diverse pole dance/pole fitness community through education and events. We take our commitment to diversity very seriously and are always striving to reflect every aspect of that community.

13. Is there a PoleCon in my country?

PoleCon offers a select few licenses for countries outside of the United States. Currently we have officially licensed the following countries:


Interested in learning more? Contact Colleen.

14. What is PoleCon Intensive?

PoleCon: Intensive is a mini-PoleCon with 4-hour workshops, food and an epic gift bag. Like main PoleCon, the event moves around. Read about previous Intensive events on our blog.

What's happening at PoleCon? Event Schedule: Showcases, Free and Pay-for Workshops

Our event schedule includes an all day exhibitor hall full of amazing products and services; pole and other aerial showcase performances; free movement-based workshops; free talks by pole, fitness and nutrition experts; and paid pole and non-pole workshops (marked as paid). Network with the pole community during lunch—included in your admission to PoleCon—Friday and Saturday and breakfast Sunday only.

Schedule a little overwhelming? Download our 2020 Cheat Sheet which shows all the pay-for workshops and their level at-a-glance mapped against the free workshops and showcases! This is a big sheet — set your printers for 11×17 (close to A3 sized). Changes from original schedule are in blue.

You don’t sign up for free workshops/seminars — just show up.

All pole workshops are held on 45mm chrome Xpole stages (not lites) 2 people to a pole, 11 student poles (1 separate instructor pole) for a maximum of 22 people. Non-pole workshops are up to 36 people, yoga mats are provided in the non-pole workshop rooms.

Yoga mats are also provided in the free workshop room.

Please arrive at least 10 min before your scheduled workshop to check in with the room monitor. Please promptly exit every workshop to allow the next class to start and take photos or chat with your workshop leader pole star and friends in the hall. Your workshop leader will likely want to take a photo of your workshop.

Schedule has been updated for August! Navigate to August Date to see in the below schedule.

Download the Wellness Living App to book paid workshops online. Please note that ONLY paid workshops show up in the app.

Fitness management software

How do I sell my product or service at PoleCon? Exhibitor/Vendor Information

Interested in showcasing your product or service by exhibiting at THE INTERNATIONAL POLE CONVENTION event?

All inside booths have been sold, however some companies are unable to make rescheduled dates. Email us directly to inquire about purchasing a booth.

All Booths are onsale now! Click this link to pick and purchase your booth.

Email exhibit@poleconvention.com for more info and/or click here to download our pdf of exhibitor information, sponsor levels and advertising options for the 2020 event.

All inside booths at #polecon2020 are 8ftx10ft include pipe/drape, a table, 2 chairs, a wastebasket, 2 Weekend Passes to PoleCon (additional passes for booth staff available at 50% off regular price) + the ability to put swag or other items in our gift bags ($100 value).

Inside Booths can be split by up to three companies. Wifi is included. Electric is not. Questions? — Ask us!

Hallway booths — a table with no guaranteed access to electricity in the hallway. Wifi is included. Can be split by up to 2 companies. includes: a table, 2 chairs, a wastebasket, 2 Weekend Passes to PoleCon (additional passes for booth staff available at 50% off regular price) + the ability to put swag or other items in our gift bags ($100 value).

Hallway Booths can be split by up to two companies. Wifi is included. Electric is not. Questions? — Ask us!

Exhibitors must provide a certificate of insurance for commercial liability insurance listing PoleCon as an additional insured. Don’t have insurance? Our insurance company offers a weekend policy you can buy so that you are compliant with this request.

**Please note: While we don’t offer refunds, you can absolutely transfer your booth to someone else through a private sale or other exchange. Just let us know who you’ve “sold” your booth to so we can update our files. **

Past and present exhibitors can be included in our Exhibitor Directory for free!

Thank you Colleen Jolly for a fabulous convention! Very well organized – the food was amazing – so nice to see all the showcases – meet new friends and see old ones too! My first time as a vendor! Great convention!

Mary Caryl Glitter

“We had a great time at the event and look forward to next year!! I have been vending at events since 2008, and you and your team went far above and beyond what I have experienced elsewhere! The food setup was definitely a welcomed surprise. Your announcers/hosts were fabulous.”

Nissanne Morrison

“Thank you for working so hard to make this weekend happen. It was a well organized event and I am happy to have been a part of it… you are a brilliant woman and I am looking forward to working with you again.”

Lian Tal Lebret
Body and Pole

“Thanks for an amazing PoleCon 2016! Everything was so well organized. Sarah Murray and I had a wonderful time sharing information about Pole for a Purpose. Looking forward to 2017 already.”

Kelly Jayne
Pole for a Purpose

“Thank you, it was an awesome event!! I don’t think you understand how excited I am about Atlanta!!! “

Leslie Arenas
Glory of LA

“As a vendor the event was very organized, food was great & the staff was Always Available to help! I didn’t have a chance to do any of the work shops but heard great review from clients that were at my booth. I do show all over & would invite more vendors to try your show if the are trying to grow there business & meet awesome ppl!!! Always a fun show Colleen, thank you so much for all you do for the Pole Community!!!!”

Morgan Christy
Twisted Polerina

How do I sponsor PoleCon 2020? Event Sponsorship Information

Our sponsors represent the best products and services in pole, fitness, nutrition and wellness. Click on their logos to learn more. Interested in becoming a sponsor to promote your business? Click here to download our pdf of exhibitor information, sponsor levels and advertising options for the 2020 event. Email sponsor@poleconvention.com to feature your business.

Shop PoleCon Swag!

PoleCon store is open!

And adult onesies are back in stock!

Blog: Stories about and by PoleCon Speakers, Pole Stars and Exhibitors

Where is PoleCon 2020? Venue Information: New Orleans

Sheraton New Orleans:  500 Canal Street, New Orleans LA

Sheraton New Orleans Hotel is on the historic Canal Street streetcar line adjacent to the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana.

UPDATED NEW ROOM LINK for August event.

Contact Us!
For a faster response, email Colleen DIRECTLY via email (under the photo at right).